Air Hockey of Fury

Air Hockey of Fury

The History and Development of Air Hockey

Air hockey was conceptualized by three employees of a famous popular pool table manufacturer, Brunswick. But it didn’t take too long for it to wither, due to the technology used was not really appealing as a game. But not until another employee of Brunswick, Bob Lemieux took air hockey to another level in 1972.
Bob, who was an avid fan of ice hockey, thought that air hockey can be played in a similar phase. So he used a mallet like object to represent the hockey stick and flattened a disc that is similar to the hockey puck. The air, which comes beneath a special table he built, will keep the discs perpetually moving which offered similar effects as of ice hockey. But instead of the usual six players, air hockey is played by two people hitting the flattened disc using the mallet and places it into a small like hole located in each of the players receiving end. The goal was to score as many as you can do over the other player until the given time expires.
The game of air hockey soon became an almost instant gaming success, namely at carnivals and in college game rooms. But despite the growing success of air hockey, Brunswick soon became dissatisfied by the image air hockey was making, it wasn’t taken seriously and was often seen as a carnival attraction. And in order for it to be recognized as a legitimate sport, it was in 1974 that Brunswick held the first ever Air Hockey World Championship at the Holiday Inn in New York City.
But on the event that computer technology was booming and arcade games was again rising and getting all the attention, air hockey once again took a back seat from the spotlight and was about to wither away. But due to one fan, he pursued his love for air hockey and created a way for it to be revived. That effort paved its way, and once again air hockey was seen in the streets and played by many.
And to close this, air hockey, just like any other sport out there, is made up of individuals that were passionate enough to keep it growing. And because of this, it is now as popular as ever, 30 years later.

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